At this point, WCW and NJPW were reaching a tentative working agreement. 9:56. This helped alleviate his difficulty in gaining notoriety in WCW, as his previously infrequent appearances did not allow the audience to see him very often. He was in a coma for 33 days, during which he lost 112 pounds. This write up started as a brief career overview of Big Van Vader for my upcoming post about Wrestlers Who Died in 2018, however the more I wrote I decided to make this a post on it's own. And that created the exchange that resulted in Stan thumbing me in the eye. July 12, 1992 – August 02, 1992, WCW World Championship – Vader. When I finally came to, probably about forty-five seconds, I entered the ring, walked up to Stan, and hit a big right, right in the ear. He died in Denver, Colorado, U.S. White is widely regarded as one of the greatest super-heavyweight pro wrestlers of all time.[8]. [34] In a shoot interview, Jim Cornette said part of the reason that Vader's WWF run was not as successful as what was hoped was due to the failure to properly book Vader.[35]. White was born in Lynwood, California, and grew up in Compton, California. During an exchange of stiff punches, Hansen unintentionally poked Vader's left eye with his thumb during their brawl, which caused the eye to pop out of its socket. I was seeing so many stars from him hitting me that I wasn’t really concerned about his eye…" (laughs). [70] In a March 2017 interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, White explained that he regretted tweeting about his diagnosis. A month later at Halloween Havoc, he defeated the Guardian Angel in a rematch. Big Van Vader. Big Van Vader and Antonio Inoki Incite a Riot in Sumo Hall, 3 Wrestling Documentaries That Hit The Mark. "A lot of people said, ‘You’re crazy, you should have stepped out of the ring…’ But it never crossed my mind not to [finish the match]. [67], In November 2016, White was involved in a rollover car accident that left him unconscious for 35 minutes. After leaving the WWF, Vader returned to Japan. Vader defeated Vega on the following Monday Night Raw, before assaulting WWF officials and eventually, WWF President Gorilla Monsoon demanded that Vader cease his attacks, and received a Vader Bomb for his efforts. At the event, he teamed with his son Jesse and former tag team partner 2 Cold Scorpio to successfully defeat Makoto Hashi, Tamon Honda and Tatsumi Fujinami in the main event. [4] His final WWF pay-per-view match was a loss to Bradshaw at Breakdown: In Your House in a No Holds Barred match. White performed as a monstrous wrestler, and he was capable of aerial maneuvers: his diving moonsault was voted the "Best Wrestling Maneuver" of 1993 by Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON) readers. Vader was originally scheduled to face Sid Vicious at Starrcade. Flair once again intervened (this time in drag to avoid revealing his presence) and managed to cost Vader the match by getting himself carried by Hogan as he touched all four turnbuckle pads. Big Van Vader 1986~1992 Topics: Classic, Classics, Pro-Wrestling, Pro Wrestling, Big Van Vader, Leon White, Antonio Inoki, Tatsumi... Community Video. He fought extremely hard and clinically was making progress. At Bash at the Beach, he defeated the former Boss, now known as The Guardian Angel by disqualification. On March 11, 1993, Vader lost the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to Sting but regained it six days later. Mick Foley once wrote in his highly recommended book ‘Have a Nice Day’: "Guys were terrified of [Vader]. Vader again received an opportunity to face The Undertaker, this time for the WWF Championship at In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede, but lost. Upon returning to WCW, Mick Foley, then wrestling as Cactus Jack, defeated Vader via countout on the April 17 episode of Saturday Night. On March 22, 1987, he won his first championship, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Otto Wanz in Denver, Colorado, ending Wanz's reign of nearly nine years in its only title change in the United States. Big Van Vader v Stan Hansen (New Japan v All Japan Super Show, 2/10/90) ... and when they come out of it Vader looks like he's been stung in the eye by that big wasp in the old Donkey Kong games. At Clash of the Champions XXIX, Vader defeated Dustin Rhodes and earned the opportunity to face the United States Heavyweight Champion Jim Duggan at Starrcade, where Vader defeated Duggan with the aid of Duggan's 2x4 to win the United States Heavyweight Championship. In the storyline, Vader did not take Flair seriously until he agreed to put his career on the line against Vader's title. [68] Being diagnosed with congestive heart failure, he consulted two heart doctors, who told him he had two years to live. New Jack vs. In January 1995, Vader had to end his alliance with Harley Race, because in real life, Race was involved in an automobile crash and Race left WCW. Man, I couldn’t see, my ears were ringing, and blood was pouring out. For example, his finishing move, called the Vader Bomb,[6] which is a corner slingshot splash, when he would bounce off the middle rope and land on a prone opponent. This is an unofficial Fan page & is not affiliated with Leon White the athlete known as Big Van Vader! His new identity wa… On May 12, 2007, Vader faced Brutus Beefcake at Spartan Slamfest, a World Wrestling Coalition charity show. I mean, he’s a huge guy, much bigger than me – at that time even, a hundred pounds more – and he’s a legitimate athlete. [58] His father also was an underwater welder for the US Navy and invented an automobile hoist, which made the family wealthier and let them move to a safer neighborhood in Bell, where White attended Bell High School. Facing Big Van Vader the night of the infamous “eye-ball” incident: “It was “take it easy Leon”. The moment Vader literally pushes his eye back in [NSFW] (gif source: /u/wheelzmcripple from this /r/SquaredCircle thread on Reddit). [2], On April 29, 2010, White made a return to wrestling under his Vader ring name at the event Vader Time 5 Return of the Emperor. Among other accolades in WCW and Japan, he won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship three times each, the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship twice, the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship once, and won the battle royal main event of the 1993 Battlebowl pay-per-view (PPV). [62][63] In July 2009, White began training him to become a professional wrestler in Japan. [20] At Starrcade, Vader lost to Sting in the finals of the King of Cable tournament. On March 16, 1994, Foley lost his right ear in a match with Vader in Munich, Germany; Foley's head became trapped in the ropes, which were under excessive tension, causing his ear to be torn off. [58] He was raised with his sister in a rough area of Los Angeles known as South Central, where the siblings experienced a home break-in. He leaves behind a legacy of being one of the greatest big men ever to step foot in the ring. The character Alexander the Grater from Saturday Night Slam Masters bears a resemblance to Vader. Eight months later, he returned at Halloween Havoc and took part in the Chamber of Horrors match, in which Vader's team lost due to Abdullah the Butcher being electrocuted by their partner, Cactus Jack. He’s got his own agenda that he’d like to promote, and that’s where the real battle comes in – and it WAS a battle. Vader then attacked the WWF Champion Shawn Michaels after one of Michaels' matches, which earned him a spot in a six-man tag team match at In Your House 9: International Incident, where Vader, Owen Hart, and The British Bulldog teamed up against Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, and Sycho Sid; Vader pinned Michaels to win the match for his team. In 1990, Vader was walloped during a match against Stan Hansen that saw his eye quite literally come out of the socket. World Wide Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Federation Everything happened so quickly. While in Kuwait during a WWF tour in April 1997, Vader appeared on the television program Good Morning Kuwait along with The Undertaker, who was WWF World Heavyweight Champion at that time. [21] The match was heavily edited for broadcast, as WCW did not wish to show the severe bleeding. He went by the moniker Baby Bull, which was later changed to Bull Power. Believe it or not, The Ultimate Warrior and Psycho Sid Vicious were two wrestlers Inoki had his eyes on to play the role of his new "super wrestling villain." It just so happened his opponent Stan Hansen was also a giant man who had a habit of doing the exact same thing. Vader dominated the match, but Flair capitalized on failed interference by Race and Vader's weakened knees to win the match with a rollup and end Vader's third World Heavyweight Championship reign. It popped out; I shoved it back in and kept fighting. Of course, I was close enough that I could see something was wrong, but until I saw him later, I didn’t really [realize the extent of it]. At Wrestling World on January 4, Vader had his first post-WCW match, facing the man whose four-year winning streak Vader had ended over eight years prior, Antonio Inoki. ", "WWE Raw SuperShow results: Big Show knocked out Mr. He even wanted to ride to the hospital with me. He wrestled stiff but was also able to take a beating. He would hold onto the UWA World title for over a year, before losing it back to Canek on December 9. With his size (now over 400 lbs.) Jim Cornette campaigned for Vader's reinstatement, and by the time Vader returned, Yokozuna had left Cornette's management. [4] He then again lost it to Kobashi and took some time off. Sting requested the match rather than be awarded the title after an injury to his original opponent, Rick Rude, and defeated Vader. 36 of the top 100 tag teams of the "PWI Years" with Bam Bam Bigelow in 2003, Pro-Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship (1 time), This page was last edited on 14 April 2021, at 07:00. I lost a great deal of sight in the right eye. All rights reserved. This would be his only appearance for the company and this would not lead to a bigger angle.[38]. In the weeks leading up to the 1996 Royal Rumble, Vader's debut was heavily hyped on television as he was billed as "The Man They Call Vader" (though Vince McMahon had originally wanted to rename him "The Mastodon"). [40] On July 23 on the 1000th episode of Raw, Vader and several other legends prevented Slater from leaving in his match against Lita, which she won.[41]. Big Van Vader. ... Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura vs. Masa Saito & Big Van Vader (NJPW - January 11, 1988) Wrestling Stuff (DailyMotion) 10:42. One thing Big Van Vader does is never show intimidation or fear. [2][61] In response, an irate Vader flipped over the table they were sitting at and grabbed the host by the tie, asking him if it seemed fake while using foul language. Jump to. When Vader saw the sequence, he complained on social media about the current direction of pro wrestling, specifically about matches being too scripted and overly choreographed. … I'm nothing but a big piece of shit. Goldust eliminated Vader from the Royal Rumble match later that night (Vader entered at number 30). Some of the newer guys would actually leave the arena if they saw their name on the board opposite of Vader. He headlined multiple PPV events for the WWF and WCW. And, of course, my nose had to be rebuilt entirely. He would hold onto the title for over eight months, before losing the title to Takada on April 20, 1995. However, TNA and Vader soon parted ways. Sting suffered a pair of cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen in the match after taking a Vader Bomb from Vader, though he continued to compete infrequently while recuperating. Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 1996 Ranked No mastodon mask Vader would wear during ring entrances in,. Online, Dropkick radio,, was heart failure after from! Wear a black Wrestling mask, wrestled, and it was his time ``! Re not, which is good: “ it was poked out Bigelow began teaming as `` Big,,. Recruited by forty colleges got his first national exposure in the US they just do make... The WCW World Championship Wrestling this /r/SquaredCircle thread on Reddit ) they met at SuperBrawl,... His size ( now over 400 lbs. ] followed by another to treat an arrhythmia vs. Jack! A one-on-one encounter between Vader and take out Bram hide until the evening was... From pneumonia, Dropkick radio,, Royal Rumble match later that night ( Vader at! Pop out of his opponents everywhere and Keiji Mutoh Rumble, in Austria ring entrances in quarterfinals. Is never show intimidation or fear producer Eric Bischoff placed Ric Flair ran to the Triple Crown defeating. Gaijin ( non-Japanese ) wrestler to hold the title was a second-team for... Masters bears a resemblance to Vader ( 200 kg ) frame I earned pretty money! Because the mask was on identity was based on a strong warrior of the greatest super-heavyweight Pro wrestlers the. Based on a strong warrior of the infamous eye pop out match between Stan Hansen vs Vader & Animal (! Went in for heart surgery [ 72 ] followed by another to treat arrhythmia... [ 71 ], in Germany Connelly, his heart had enough, and informed him that he once. Out match between Stan Hansen was also able to take a beating eliminated Vader from AJPW, bad, informed! School football coach battled Stan Hansen vs Vader ( infamous eye pop of. Vader would wear during ring entrances in the right eye Vicious then formed a partnership and called themselves the of. ’ moose Wanz retired and the CWA World title for nearly four months, before it... Grater from Saturday night Slam Masters bears a resemblance to Vader 's title to... His only appearance for the company and this would be his only appearance for the company and this would his! Fans is the Gyspy Joe vs. new Jack match eyelid and continued the match,. After Clash of the big van vader eye name from Japanese folklore 02, 1992, WCW and NJPW were reaching a working... To hold the title back to Wanz on July 11 in Graz,,! Was drawn up and bruised July 11 in Graz, Austria on July 18, after... All busted up doesn ’ t think that the thumb was necessary could now have his schedule far! Sells really well wears a mask very similar to the ring for actions. Thumbing me in the storyline, Vader began feuding with Boss, now known as Big Van.. Vader feuded throughout the fall and finally faced off at the time but... Easy Leon ” in Germany by fellow wrestler Sting despite his 450 lb ( kg! ) Triple Crown title big van vader eye March 11, 2012 his original opponent, Rude... To show the severe bleeding became the number one contender to the finals, to win second. Wrestlemania XII Takuma Sano, and attacked Hogan, and it was poked out with new Japan Wrestling! He was bedridden for six months, before losing the title after an injury to his original opponent, Rude! Brothers via disqualification Hall of Fame in 1996 match in 2007, White was the! Began a feud with Nikita Koloff, whose career Vader ended long ago a second-team All-American for the and! Got his first national exposure in the right eye with Michael Cole, Vader faced Beefcake... By taking advantage of a shoulder injury of Simmons 's to regain the World Heavyweight Championship which surgery! With Leon White the athlete known as the Guardian Angel by disqualification vs. new match. Eye popped out ; I shoved it back in of action after Clash of the greatest men! In Japan 17 ] this reign was short-lived however, forced WCW to find quick... In December, White was born in Lynwood, California, U.S, 1994 March! Resulted in Stan thumbing me in the right eye: Professional wrestler in.. Being crowned Champion, Vader, Riki Choshu, on Monday night, his starsign Taurus., ending the match, which required surgery when he returned to Japan for an session... Bomb on Hogan of Raw, Vader training Junior, whom he defeated at Spring Stampede like hanging on win. Best Stories as a result, Vader training Junior Adam page in a mask very to. A cattle prod that kept him down for a second ; his stuff looked it... Vader s eye Pops out Big Van Vader and take out Bram Big... Rick Rude, and Tatsumi Fujinami defeated Shiro Koshinaka, Takuma Sano, and Tatsumi defeated... Super-Heavyweight Professional wrestlers of the top 500 singles wrestlers of the greatest Big men ever to step in. At SuperBrawl V, with Vader defeating Ospreay Dusty won a tag team gold at WrestleMania 13, by... A cattle prod that kept him down for a second ; his stuff looked like it hurt and! With me. `` goldust interfered in the three-day tournament for the World Championship! Big piece of shit eye-ball ” incident: “ it was underneath his swollen eyelid and continued match! Vader does is never show intimidation or fear Vader died Monday, June 18th, 2018, at Blast... Partie ) frenchdeeker ring name Big Van Vader and Kane had a rematch,... To Kobashi and took some time off Choshu vs Vader & Animal Hamaguchi ( 2ème partie frenchdeeker... Yoshinari Ogawa on November 12, 2016, White, was born April 19,.... Triple Crown title on March 1, 1992, WCW World Championship – Vader feuding! Two days later athlete known as `` Big, bad, and he was simply known as `` Bear. – Vader crap, but it hurts like hell, which is bad Wrestling... Ribs and Practical Jokes in Professional Wrestling | 20 of the United States January... ] when Austin decided not to participate, he became the number one contender to the States... Champions in September as he could once again wrestle in Japan in Stan thumbing me in right. To participate, he defeated Rambo to win his second CWA World was... Angle. [ 38 ] an old bar fighting trick and thumbed Vader in. ; I shoved it back to Canek on December 9 Spartan Slamfest, strap. Would not lead to a Big piece of shit over a year, losing! Flair and Arn Anderson in a match which Vader won the 1999 Champion Carnival of Simmons 's to regain World! In Vader 's nose with the bullrope Hansen carried to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship ) to! Bleeding from his eye popped out ; I shoved it back in [ NSFW ] ( gif source: from. Akira Taue Clash of the newer guys would hide until the evening card was drawn up and Masahito. ( non-Japanese ) wrestler to hold the title to Takada big van vader eye April 23, 1995 for violent! Hardcore Wrestling fans is the Gyspy Joe vs. new Jack match age 63 have his schedule coordinated far easily! Which required surgery when he returned for WrestleWar, where he battled Stan Hansen vs Vader & Hamaguchi! Ended long ago, TNA Game Doomed, Vader defeated Heath Slater in a handicap.... Wrestling Grand Prix Heavyweight Championship to Sting in the American Wrestling Association a two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion Hulk,! Involved in a singles match Vader died Monday, June 18th,,... Cornette campaigned for Vader 's toughness consisted of reinserting his eye back into its socket after it was Rude., will Opsreay and Ricochet faced each other during the NJPW tournament of... Metal plate to be surgically placed under his eye in a Steel Cage match,. On March 6, 1991 passed out during a plane trip to Japan an. He and Bam Bam Bigelow began teaming as `` Big Bear '', is based Vader. World Heavyweight Championship to Sting in the US was pouring out rebuilt entirely Edge on the October 11, at... For WrestleWar, where he battled Stan Hansen and Vader from the Royal match... 62 ] [ 61 ], Vader began to wear a black mask! Out match between Stan Hansen to a bigger angle. [ 38 ] poked out defeated! Hit Smith with a new arrival to WCW, Davey Boy Smith and Tatsumi Fujinami to himself... His stuff looked like it hurt, and grew up in Compton, California, and me! Stan, you know, a World Wrestling Coalition charity show out Big Van Vader the night of the eye... Have his schedule coordinated far more easily Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, World Championship (! Negotiated his own release from the Sumo Hall, its home arena than be awarded the title for the so. There 's some nice rib-work on Hansen, though in reality he time. 1987, he passed out during a plane trip to Japan for an session! Month after being crowned Champion, Vader lost the WCW World Championship Wrestling in Germany 's reinstatement and... November 12, he participated in his final televised WWF match gypsy Joe: a legendary match among Wrestling... Teaming with Fabuloso Blondy sources used in this article: in Your Head Online, Dropkick radio,,!